This dinner is super healthy and high in protein. This is my favourite soup for those cold nights in. So warming, healthy and absolutely delicious. There are so many nutrients here. 

🔸Ingredients (serves 4-6)
Prep time: 5 mins/ Cook time: 25 mins

🌱2 cups of brown lentils (washed and rinsed)
🌱2 celery sticks
🌱3 small carrots
🌱1 onion
🌱1 leek
🌱3 cloves of garlic
🌱1 medium sized white potato (peeled)
🌱1/2 can of chickpeas (drained)
🌱3 tsp of tomato sauce (from can)
🌱1 tsp of smoked paprika
🌱1 tsp of turmeric
🌱Salt and pepper to taste
🌱Vegetable broth / veggie stock cube
🌱Optional: mushrooms & kale


Tip all the ingredients into a large pan over medium heat. Pour over water to cover all the ingredients, then stir well.
2. Cover and leave to simmer for 25 mins or until the vegetables and lentils are tender.
3. I like my veggies chunky. If you like a really thick texture, blitz a third of the soup in a food processor.

TIP: If you are adding kale, only cook for 2-3 mins to preserve the nutrients 🥬


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