Fitness Blog

Find ways to connect with your mind and body using these workouts. A great way to de-stress, increase flexibility and have fun!

Hip Opening Yoga

One of the main benefits of hip opening poses is that they help to improve flexibility, circulation and relieve tension in the hips, legs and back. 


Yoga for Core

These exercises are great for developing better core strength. Having good core strength is good for balance and helping to support the spine. 


Morning Flow

Want to feel rejuvenated in the morning? This morning flow workout is the perfect way to start the day and is aimed for strengthening and stretching the body. 


Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is slow-paced and focuses on holding the position for several minutes, creating heat in the body, great for increasing mind and body connection. 


Yoga for beginners

This video is great for beginners to learn more about some of the poses. It focuses on increasing flexibility, building strength and focusing on the breathwork.