These protein pancakes are great for breakfast and will give you so much energy. I added kiwi's for my toppings and they are full of vitamin C so will boost your immune system.  

The plant-based pancakes mix by @proteinworld is so good and easy to use, especially when you’re in a rush like me 😋 Use code NATURALLYEVIE30 for
30% off @proteinworld 💰

🌈 Instructions: Add 4-6 scoops of the @proteinworld pancake mix in a bowl and mix with a plant-based milk (I used oat milk). Heat up the pan and add some coconut oil. Fry the pancake for several minutes until crispy on both sides.

🌈My toppings: vegan Greek yogurt, 1 kiwi 🥝, granola clusters, coconut and cacao flakes.



Tags: Breakfast