For a clearer skin and better memory, it is recommended that we drink 6-8 cups of water a day. Here are some tips on how to make it easier to drink more water.

1. Infuse Water 

Adding your favourite fruit is a great way to help you to drink more water.

Lemon water: Add slices of lemons or squeeze lemon juice into your water to boost your vitamin C intake.

Cucumber water: Cucumbers are powerful antioxidants that are high in vitamin K which helps to support bones and tissues. Add some mint leaves for an even more refreshing taste! 

2. Set daily reminders 

Reminding yourself to drink more water every day is key.

Download a tracking app: E.g. Water Buddy or WaterMinder).

Diary: write reminders in n your diary

Printable sheets: Print water tracker sheets and stick them in your diary or around your house. 

3. Track water intake 

Pick your favourite glass or water bottle and track how much water you are drinking. For instance, if you water bottle is 750ml, drink three of those per day.

4. Have a glass ready 

  • Having a glass or a water bottle for when you wake up first thing is key. This reminds you to drink some from the moment you wake up.
  • Having a glass of water regularly filled up when you are getting on with your day will also remind you to keep drinking. 

5. Eat water-enriched food

  • Cucumber, 96% water
  • Tomatoes, 95% water
  • Spinach, 93% water
  • Watermelon, 91% water

6. Create a routine 

Creating a routine is so important as it can form a habit. Habits require no conscious thought and form a part of your everyday routine.

 Wake up in the morning? Drink a glass of water. Post-workout? Drink water. Preparing lunch or dinner? Drink more water.