The most perfect recipe for autumn 🍂I absolutely love roasted butternut squash, it’s such a comforting and delicious meal!

The benefits of butternut squash:

✨High in potassium: contributes to keeping your blood pressure normal and healthy.

✨High in vitamin A, C and E

✨High I’m magnesium which contributes to your energy needs. 

🔸Ingredients (for 2 people)

🌱 1 medium sized butternut squash
🌱1/2 cup of orzo
🌱 2 garlic cloves
🌱Fresh parsley & dill
🌱Salt and pepper to taste
🌱1 small red bell pepper, chopped
🌱1 tsp olive oil
🌱1tsp of lemon juice

(Prep time: 10 mins / Cook time: 40-45 mins)

1. Start by preheating the oven to 200degrees. Then, split the butternut squash in half. Scoop out the seeds and some of the butternut squash (don’t throw away as we will add into the orzo mix).
2. Drizzle some olive oil and paprika into the butternut squash. Place the squash in a baking tray with some water 💦 and cook for 20 mins.
3. In a pan over medium heat, cook the orzo by adding some water and boil for 5 mins. For the last 2 mins, add the butternut squash pieces that we’ve scooped out earlier, the chopped garlic, chopped peppers, some salt and pepper.
4. Take the butternut squash out of the oven and stuff it with the orzo mix. Continue to cook for another 20-25 mins (or until it’s softer).
5. To finish, add fresh parsley/ dill, salt, pepper, pomegranate and some lemon juice.



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